Used Books:
     We offer more than 100,000 used book titles in all genres. We have a variety of formats of many of the titles -- hardcover, trade paperback, mass market paperback, and audio books. If you have trade credit, you may use it (at 50 percent) toward used books in any of these categories.

Fiction Non-Fiction
Mystery Philosophy Nature & Environment
Romance History Foreign Language
Westerns Sports Military History
Sci-Fi New Age Black Studies
Horror True Crime Self Help
Thrillers Crafts Gardening
Teen Religion Women's Studies
Classics Cooking Education
Large Print Psychology Travel
Drama Humor Outdoors
Poetry Health Art


New Books:
     We carry a selection of brand-new popular books, because used copies are hard to come by on these hot titles. They are discounted at least 10 to 20 percent off the cover price. Trade credit cannot be applied to these titles.

Local Books:
     We specialize in books about Southern Illinois and books by Southern Illinois authors. Whether it is a brand-new release or a long-out-of-print town history, we try to keep them all in stock. You will find books about Southern Illinois in colonial times, the Civil War, the 1920s gangster era, as well as books about the natural resources, tourism, recreation and sports of the region. If you are looking for a mystery or other satisfying read for adults or kids, numerous Southern Illinois native authors fill our shelves. Click here for more information about our local book inventory. We also regularly host book signings with local authors. View our upcoming events calendar here.